About Us

a Happy Team that delights in pampering our guests.

A message

from the owner

Welcome, I’m Veljko Maricic. After spending so many years halfway around the world. I not only came back to live in Zadar, but I also built and opened a Hotel & Restaurant here.

Soon people will be coming from all over the world to visit us. Every week will be a new story, new ingredients, new diners, and new challenges for my team & I. The only constant for me is that Zadar is home. Zadar, my favorite place in the whole world. I think you will fall in love with Zadar, too.

Zadar's Best People

with big hearth and enthusiasm

At Miramare Hotel, we hired Zadar’s Best, a Happy Team that delights in pampering our guests. We, of course, looked for those with a background in Hospitality. But still, more important than an extensive resume, our staff needed a big heart, enthusiasm, and a work ethic. We are dedicated to making your stay with us unforgettable.

Miramare’s Team shares your passion for travel. One of the things we enjoy while traveling is the regional cuisine and local wines. So, we endeavor to indulge our guests with memorable meals, paired with just the right local wine, in a setting that is elegant yet comfortable and unpretentious.



M.V. d.o.o.
Kruševska ulica 1,
23000 Zadar, Croatia
OIB: 32051024037,
MBS: 110083688